Learn the ways of dealing with your sick dog

There are many animal lovers who treat their dogs as an important member of their family and when their dogs feel sick their owners also feel the grief and pain suffered by their pets. Therefore as a responsible pet owner it is very essential for you to learn about the ways of dealing with your sick dog. Thus it is very essential that you take care of your dog’s health in a proper manner and learn how to recognize the symptoms of your dog’s sickness to sure it effectively. Change in the personality or behaviors of your dog are the most important symptoms that indicate that your dog is sick.

Sick dog generally tend to lose interest in any of their favorite activities and rather prefer to sleep or lie around. A sick dog will also not get excited for going out for a walk and will get tired faster than previously. Sick dog will more irritable, shy or aggressive than normal due to the discomfort and pain that is associated with sickness. Unusual restlessness and pacing is also an indication that your dog is sick and if you notices any of these symptoms that it becomes every important for you to call a vet for treating your dog immediately.

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Dealing with your sick dog can be distressing and if your dog is sick then he may lack the vigor and activeness that he used to display on seeing you. Thus if your dog is sick, don’t lose temper, be calm and don’t make a fuss about it. You need to interact with your dog on a regular basis to let him forget about his pain and discomfort. You need to find the symptoms of the dog’s sickness and then treat him according to the illness. If you observe sickness and notice difference in his behavior beforehand, it will assist you in saving a great deal of your time and money.

If you feel that the dog is really very sick and then it is very important to call the vet who can help you in finding the sickness and treating it effectively. You should also educate your children about the ways of dealing with your sick dog so that they can handle the problem when you are not at home. The temperature of a healthy dog is about 102 degrees F and his heart beat is in between 80 to 120 beats per minutes. Dogs take about 15 to 20 breaths per minutes and if there are any variations in any of these signs then it indicates that your dog needs treatment as he is sick.

There are some other symptoms that indicates that your dog is sick which includes foul or strange odors from mouth, nose or ears, odor or discharge from ears, twitching ears, discharge from nose, encrusted or runny nose, red puffy eyes, gagging or vomiting, extensive labored breathing and shortness of breath. You also need to acquaint yourself about the normal bowel movements of your dogs so that dealing with your sick dog becomes easy and simple.